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Why support CdnMilitary.ca?

CdnMilitary.ca exists so that as a member of our community, you can access resources to learn more about our military and its history, while, at the same time, meeting people with similar interests and engaging in lively discussions. We are happy to provide this service to our members; however, providing these services does cost money and it is hard for the site owner, who is currently attending university, to come up with the considerable amount of money required to pay our service providers. As such we ask that any member who can spare a contribution to make a donation of any amount to our endeavour so that we can continue to provide a forum for your interest and enjoyment.

What benefits are obtained from our service providers?

CdnMilitary.ca Website

Our website provider currently offers additional web space and bandwidth under an annual package to which we subscribe. This additional space and bandwidth allows us to host image files for our community members (within reasonable size limits) for posting at our discussion forums, and any other forum on the Internet for that matter. We also obtain a more reliable host server compared to the free web hosting package offered by our provider; the free option currently results in several months of the website being offline due to server issues and exceeded bandwidth costs. It is important for us to be able to maintain a paid web server package so that the site is always available and we can provide better services to our community members.

CdnMilitary.ca Discussion Forums

We host our forums with Ezboard which provides a subscription service for its hosted forums which must be renewed once every six months. The benefits of this subscription is that you do not experience pop-ups and banner ads from Ezboard Inc. when you visit our forums (the only advertisements on our forums are those we enable via Google). Most importantly however, key security features and a database backup are provided under this subscription service as well as many expanded features for community members to utilize in their activities at the forums.

How much do these service generally cost?

Website hosting package with Portland Communications (UK): ~$38.00 CAD /year GBP]
Domain Renewal:  ~$25.00 CAD .year
Ezboard CSC Gold Community Subscription Renewals (US): ~$140.00 CAD /year
Annual Projected Costs: ~$203.00 CAD

*Hosting costs converted from GBP; CSC Renewals from USD

Making a Donation to CdnMilitary.ca

If you want to help out by making a donation to help pay for the costs of maintaining CdnMilitary.ca, you can do so using your Paypal account. Simply click the link below to make a donation. If you do not have a Paypal account but have access to Internet banking within Canada at one of the major banking institutions, email the webmaster for details on how to make an email transfer donation via the CertaPay [Interac] system. Please be advised that donations are non-tax deductible.

Every donation counts!

Thank You for Your Donation!

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