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NEW! Canada's New Government and the Military in 2006

"...With the advent of the first conservative government in thirteen years, militarists across the country were confident that much needed substantial new funding would soon become a reality.  And that it did � well, not really." - read more

NEW! Canada's "Future" Medium-Lift Helicopter

By no means was a stranger to service in the Canadian Forces, the Chinook deployed into service in 1974 with the arrival of the first of eight platforms purchased by the military, colloquially designated as the CH-147. - read more

NEW! Why it is important to purchase Auto Insurance in Ontario?

When looking for auto insurance in Ontario , we must always take into consideration that purchasing insurance is for our own benefit and the safety of our family. Some people do not like the idea of having insurance because it is another added payment to the bills they would have to pay every month to maintain it, but even if this may be a hefty price to pay every month or annually, the security of knowing that you and your family will be safe in case of an accident, should be a sufficient reason for you to keep paying.

What are the main reasons why you should purchase auto insurance in Ontario?

  • Reason 1 - When it comes to safety, you must always take extra precaution even if you do not need it because accidents may occur any time especially when you least expect it, and auto insurance in Ontario should be your main choice. Why? Because when you encounter a serious accident and it is a matter of life and death, auto insurance will automatically provide property and medical coverage for you and the person who is sitting right next to you . Since the person is not at fault and you were driving at the time of the accident, insurance will cover for their medical expenses as well, because the passenger is a victim.
  • Reason 2 - When another person damages your car and they are at fault, insurance will be responsible for paying any damages and injuries that the person has caused you. Of course depending on the intensity of the damage, court hearing may be needed to determine the extent of the coverage that the insurance will be granted. Nevertheless, insurance is always your best ally when it comes to serious accidents .
  • Reason 3 - Though it may be a heavy amount to pay every month or annually, there are some insurance plans that you can get that requires very little premium payment per month. You would have to discuss this with your insurance company or insurance broker , talking with them will customarily be easier because they can give you options.
  • Reason 4 - When you buy a car for the first time and you are paying for your car monthly through bank financing, usually banks offer to give you one year of insurance free. Depending on bank offers, some prices may actually be pretty cheap. You also have the option of renewing your insurance with the bank the following year when your first year expires. They will usually send you a notification via email or snail mail when it is time to renew your policy.
  • Reason 5 - There are types of auto insurance in Ontario that pay for property, liability, and medical issues. This should normally be your first choice. There are also some types of auto insurance wherein you would have to purchase these benefits separately and those are called riders. Purchasing riders will depend on what kind of protection you would like for yourself or your car. These will usually come in handy in case you come across a bad collision and have no money on hand to pay for damages.

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