How to Use Instagram the Right Way

This is a simple reminder for companies venturing into advertising withing this Social Network

How to Use Instagram the Right Way

Do not gauge your success in the number of ‘followers’, but on objective criteria of collaboration, listening and participation. I know the case of some ‘gurupollas’, with tens of thousands of ‘followers’ on Twitter, rattling to be followed with being beloved or influential. They follow the big largemouth thousands of people for a laugh. The imprudent followed les thousands of Madrid to see what things can come to say.

Listen and use the ‘feedback’ to support and help. This is one of the differences between the promotion in social media that is made in the United States and Europe. In the United States is intended to the user wherever you are. Listening is the key. Many times, not a service like a user or do not understand it, and always appreciate that there is interest not refute it, but listen, tell you that your complaint or request falls on deaf ears and expand the information provided if necessary. By large, the director of a company not only wasting your time listening to a user, but they also receive a ” valuable feedback and rewarding that you will not find in any focus group. In fact, you loyalty, lets you see what is flesh and bone, and often makes prescribing service.

The role of the head of communications

Finally, I’d like to make one final comment. I have great doubts about whether channels such as Twitter or Facebook should be maintained by an agency or someone from the company, even a relevant position with eyes and face, name and surname, and not a charge type: a person in charge of communication.

People grateful to see faces. In my opinion you can also take them an agency of solvent form, provided that you know very well the service, have immediate access to the company and has a representative with a recognized face which can, if necessary, personal attention, with decision making including.

In short, social networks are a popular communication tool that can be exploited by many companies as a means to publicize their products to the public. However, improper use can have adverse effects. Companies should take into account that your partner has an active role in communication. Ended unidirectional messages where the issuer not received any signal from your receiver.

Now, both sender and receiver, interact in a relationship of equality. For this reason, if you have a company and want to take advantage of the popularity of social networks, keep in mind who you say what. You must be attentive to their answers. In short, use them, and make them that you used, you become unproductive or they put you in inappropriate personal and professional situations.